Next week: Tango Addiction Festival in Mons!

Tango Addiction Festival
Next week Thursday starts Wallonia’s first tango festival: Tango Addiction festival in Mons. Organized by Nicolas Surra and his team, the festival features a lot of big names like Diego “El Pajaro” Riemer and Maria Belen Giachello, Yanick Wyler and Eugenia Parrilla, Dario Da Silva & Claire Vivo, Solo Tango Orchestra, Kay Sleking, and a selection of European tango DJs.

More than just a festival… We seek to give all tango lovers, from regular festival audiences to marathon followers, a real tango feast! Each day, you will have the opportunity of dancing nonstop from 2 in the afternoon up to 8 the following morning!
The program includes various novelties. For the major milonga of the day, for which we’ll propose a large dance floor with orchestra, DJ and Maestros’ demos of course, we’ll also provide a second dance floor. There, music will exclusively be alternative, you’ll be dancing on Tango Nuevo, and also on a selection of all style music our expert jury considered as ‘Tang-able’.

It starts on Thursday 20 Sept with an afternoon milonga at 14:00 and ends on Sunday night 23 Sept, in and around Mons/Bergen. Don’t miss it!