Festivalito del Mar, edition 2014!

On a cold winter day in 2012, a walk at the Belgian coast in the city of Blankenberge, led to the discovery of a beautiful place with a 360° sea sight view. We thought: “How amazing would it be to dance tango out here.”

What seemed unrealistic became very soon possible after we had entered the venue and spoke to the manager. And so, in October 2012, Milongadelmar was organised at the Belgium Pier. The first edition of this tango event was enthusiastically received. Many participants wanted to have more than one day or evening to dance and to enjoy the beauty of this wonderful place.
So, not nearly a day later, the idea of a small tango festival came to life and in June 2013 Festivalito del mar took place for the first time. The 2013 edition welcomed over 900 visitors during 4 days. Dancers from all over Europe, even from Russia, Asia, Canada and the United States joined to discover this magical place at the North Sea!

In less than a month from now, the second edition of Festivalitodelmar will take place and we gladly invite you to join us.
Festivalitodelmar 2014 welcomes again Gaston Torelli and Moira Castellano, both spectacular and technically strong dancers.
Furthermore, we have the privilege and the première in Europe, to welcome Bruno Tombari with his brand new dance partner: Rocío Lequio, who until previously danced in the DNI company of Dana Frigoli. A fresh sparkling new dance couple!

And of course, an international and local team of tango DJs will make you dance until you cannot feel your feet anymore.

Looking forward to meet, dance, laugh and enjoy it with all of you!

Sonja & Sven welcome you at the new edition of Festivalito Del Mar at Blankenberge!