newsletter upgraded to v2.0!

Hi everyone,

starting from today 2 Oct, the weekly email newsletter will be sent through the Mailchimp platform. The advantages:
* the newsletter is sent automatically every Friday at 14:00 CET, even if I’m out of the country, working or still asleep. This is the most important aspect for me.
* just like before, the newsletter shows the latest pictures and the agenda
* better detection of mail bouncing (for e.g. old obsolete email addresses)
* subscription and unsubscription is done on the Mailchimp website.
* the layout looks better, I think

For those who are already subscribed, you should have received the first email this afternoon. If you don’t see it, check your spam, ‘Promotions’ or ‘Updates’ folders. Feel free to send me your feedback about layout, content, … at

If you are a (Belgian) tango dancer and you want to get the weekly agenda every Friday:

For tango event organizers: if you want to add your own events, use this page:

For tango schools: add your courses via this page: