Day: April 6, 2017

One Night @ Altena Chapel 1 Apr. 2017

Every 1st Saturday of the month, the place to be for Tangolovers is the Altena Chapel in Kontich, about 15 km south of Antwerp. The Altena Chapel is located in a beautiful park with ponds around, parking spaces are abundant in the adjacent streets. The approximately 200m² large dancefloor in polished stone is bordered by […]

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Tango is full of … dynamic ganchos ! n°13

Tango is full of … dynamic ganchos ! and is full of nice souvenirs ! Tango is full of … is originally published on our Facebook page, follow us !  

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Tango Quizzz n°13

TANGO QUIZZZ, Which 2 orchestra leaders performed together aged 11 and stayed friends for life? The answer was D’ARIENZO & D’AGOSTINO ! Juancito D’Arienzo & Angelito D’Agostino first performed together (violin & piano respectively) in the Zoological Gardens in Palermo, Buenos Aires (both aged 11 years old) and continued to do so periodically until their […]

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