Tango Quizzz n°13

TANGO QUIZZZ, Which 2 orchestra leaders performed together aged 11 and stayed friends for life?
The answer was D’ARIENZO & D’AGOSTINO !

Juancito D’Arienzo & Angelito D’Agostino first performed together (violin & piano respectively) in the Zoological Gardens in Palermo, Buenos Aires (both aged 11 years old) and continued to do so periodically until their mid-20s when they discovered and played tango together. In 1935 D’Arienzo was looking for a singer and it was D’Agostino whorecommended his own singer to him – Alberto Echague!

D’Arienzo with the singer Alberto Echague


Contribution of David Thomas. Want to know more ? Look at his book Twenty Tango Orchestras

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