Tango Quizzz n°15

TANGO QUIZZZ, Which musician worked with both famous singers Raúl Berón and Alberto Podestá ?
The answer was MIGUEL CALO, congratulations to Daniel Rsi for giving the right answer, and adding that the orquestra FRANCINI-PONTIER also worked with both of these singers, among the most famous in Tango.

Miguel Caló was a great musician, with a very danceable style, with rhythmic elements as well as melodic. He worked with remarkable musicians (among them were the mentioned Francini and Pontier), and had some extraordinary singers :
Raúl Berón, Alberto Podestá y Raúl Iriarte.

Here playing for the singer Alberto Podesta :

and here with Raúl Berón :

Both have incredible and directly recognizable voices …

See you next week for another quiz !