Tango Quizzz n°17

TANGO QUIZZZ, Whose orquestra was called “Orquestra of the stars” ?
The answer was MIGUEL CALÓ, congratulations to Daniel Rsi for giving the right answer (again) !

It was called Orquesta de las estrellas, as it was filled with incredible and very creative musicians, most of them ending having their own bands.
There was Osmar Maderna, a marvellous pianist :

There were the violonist Enrique Francini and the bandoneonist Armando Pontier, who quit together to create their own formation :

And of course there were Raul Berón and Alberto Podestá, Caló’s singers, whom we have already talked in a previous publication, Podesta quitting for Di Sarli’s orquestra !

See you next week for another quiz !