Tango Quizzz n°23


Which tango musician recorded the most ?
The answer is FRANCISCO CANARO !

Even if it’s difficult to give an exact number of records for each tango artist, the answer is most probably Francisco Canaro. The legend says he recorded between 3000 and 7000 (himself pretending this last number is the right one). It’s also said that he composed 300 themes, but he might have bought some of them 😉
He didn’t record only tangos, but also foxtrot, samba, menuets, waltzes, polkas, and so on.
Canaro was always very prolific and his first recording dates back to 1915, and his last was in 1964. He had an incredibly long career, he was never a great musician, but has always been capable to adjust to the tastes of the moment.

Listen to his theme Nueve Puntos played, by Canaro himself, by Carlos Di Sarli and ultimately by Fulvio Salamanca :

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