Tango Quizzz n°24


Who sang with Aníbal Troilo & Jose Basso
and gave his name to a milonga in Buenos Aires ?
The answer is FLOREAL RUIZ, congratulations to Daniel Rsi !

Floreal Ruiz is one of the great voice in Tango, not the most famous, maybe because he sang with Aníbal Troilo, who had already two other fantastic singers, Francisco Fiorentino and Alberto Marino. He has got a strong voice, yet with a very articulated way of singing, where the lyrics are very intelligible.
He is born in the neighbourhood of Flores, in Buenos Aires, where there is now a ball in his honour, the “Floreal Milonga”. He was thrown out of the family house very young because he wanted to be a singer, and his father thought singing was for gigolos (“cafishios”) !

He sang for the orquestras of De Angelis, Troilo and Jose Basso, and his most iconic tango is “Marioneta” that he sang with the three artists :

My personal favourite is “Que me van hablar de amor !” with Troilo, where he sings about a man that has seen it all about love : passion, deception, breaking up and finally becoming a sweet memory …

See you next week for another quiz !