Day: September 21, 2017

Tango Quizzz n°31

TANGO QUIZZZ ! Which tango singer stopped Tango and ended up in a convent ? The answer was ADA FALCÓN. Ada Falcón is one of the great singer in Tango and was also famous for her beauty and her splendid green eyes. Discepolo, the famous poet said she was so beautiful that looking at her […]

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Tango Quizzz n°30

TANGO QUIZZZ ! Which tango musician adapted a theme of an opera of Georges Bizet ?   The answer was FLORINDO SASSONE He adapted “Les pêcheurs de perles” of Georges Bizet, a french opera compositor. His own theme is named “La canción de los pescadores de perlas” : Florindo Sassone is not the most famous […]

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Tango Quizzz n°29

TANGO QUIZZZ ! What is the origin of the word “Papirusa“ or “Papusa” that you find in some tangos ?   It’s coming from the polish word “papierosy” which means cigarette ! Papirusa or Papusa is a word from the Lunfardo, the tango slang that began in the prisons of Buenos Aires to avoid being […]

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