Concert Orquesta Tipica Ciudad Baigon at Senghor

  • 03 Oct 2017
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Thursday Oct 19 at 20:30, at Senghor in Brussels …
Discover the young and powerful tango band Orquesta Tipica Ciudad Baigon !

The Orquesta Tipica Ciudad Baigon is part of this new generation of young argentinian muscians who fights daily to make tango really popular, like it was before the dictatorship in Argentina. Having their own space in Buenos Aires, the Galpón B, they celebrate this year 10 years of existence with a nice tour in Europe.

These twelve young musicians reinvent the classic tango formula, the famous « orquesta tipica », with 5 bandoneons, 4 violins, a piano, the bass and a singer.  Their powerful style, coming from the traditional tango but also inspired by rock or russian classical music and their engaged lyricism, speaking about today’s problems of  their city gives us the opportunity to get a breath of today’s Buenos Aires …