Tango Quizzz n°34


Which musician was also a successful poker player ?


The answer is ANGEL D’AGOSTINO !
Angel D’Agostino may not have the career of Anibal Troilo or Carlos Di Sarli, but he has always been liked by dancers for his simple style, and his good taste. With the singer Angel Vargas, he formed a legendary duo.

Born in a family of musician, D’Agostino began to play piano very young, first playing classic, then tango and jazz at the famous cabaret Palais de Glace and finally only Tango till 1939, together with Vargas. The voice of Vargas is almost an instrument of the orquestra, perfectly integrated.
The music of the two Angels is full of nostalgia, with wonderful lyrics, often written by the friend of D’Agostino, the poet Enrique Cadícamo.

D’Agostino was a character of the Buenos Aires Nightlife, eternally single, and playing poker at the Club Progreso with the Argentinian “bourgeoisie”. Together with Cadícamo, they promised they would never get married and when this last one finally did at 50, with a woman 2O years younger than him, D’Agostino never spoke to him ever again.

His themes are immediately recognizable and played in every milonga of the world :
Tres Esquinas, with Angel Vargas singing the lyrics of the poet Enrique Cadícamo

A pan y agua, from the same trio

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