Tango Quizzz n°39


Which show created in 1983 contributed to the renaissance of Tango ?


The answer was TANGO ARGENTINO !

“Tango Argentino” was created in Paris in 1983, at a time where tango was definitely not that popular, and Argentina was still a dictatorship.
In the first version you could see the dancers Juan Carlos Copes and Maria Nieves, María and Carlos Rivarola, the milongueros Virulazo and Elvira, among others, and for the musicians the pianist Horacio Salgan and the singer Roberto Goyeneche. A quite impressive cast that had an incredible success : every representation was fully booked !

Later some performers changed, in 1985 the Arquimbau and the Dinzel joined the company and during the second version in Broadway Miguel Ángel Zotto and Milena Plebs, Pablo Veron, Vanina Bilous, Carlos Copello, Johana Copes, Guillermina Quiroga all participated …

The end of the dictatorship in 1983, the success of the show, the re-opening of some milongas and classes, all this participated to the renaissance of Tango, and to its international diffusion …

Milena Plebs dancing with Miguel Ángel Zotto in the show in 1986

Multiple dancers from the show

The complete show like performed in 1987

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