Tango Quizzz n°41


Who was playing the bass on the first tracks recorded by D’Agostino ?


The answer was … a complete amateur !

In 1940 D’Agostino is recording his first disc for the record company Victor together with the singer Angel Vargas.
The company first wanted to try how it would sound and D’Agostino didn’t have a bass player yet, so the first tracks (Muchacho & No aflojes) were recorded with a friend of his, who was not a professional bass player, and the guy just couldn’t stop making mistakes … but could at least play in rhythm
Anyway the tracks still sounded great and they kept these versions on the disc. The greatness of D’Agostino-Vargas …


No aflojes

— Anecdote first told by Ignacio Varchausky

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