Tango Quizzz n°43


Which dancer was a drummer before dancing Tango ?


Mariana Frumboli was born in 1970 and is a major figure of Tango Nuevo, and certainly one of the the dancers that made Tango popular in Europe. He is known for his sense of rhythm and his creativity.

Being 13 years old he began to study music, and played drums till 1995 when he left music for Tango. He first learned with Victoria Vieyra and after that with Teté Rusconi. He then met Gustavo Naveira y Fabian Salas and it was a revelation, as they began to explore and experiment what will become Tango Nuevo.
In 1998 he moved to Paris and became a reference for a lot of young dancers, still experimenting and sharing passionately with his students, dancing all around Europe in festivals, first with Lucia Mazer, then Eugenia Parilla and now with Juana Sepulveda.
He will be this year at The Brussels Tango Festival

Last year at the BTF

Chicho in 2004 with Eugenia Parilla

A short documentary about Chicho

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