Tango Quizzz n°44


Who was nicknamed “La morocha argentina” ?


The answer was TITA MERELLO !
Tita was an argentine actress and tango singer. “Morocha” means with a dark skin. She is very famous for her great interpretation of “Se dice de mi”, her strong character and her unique picaresque style.

She was born in a very poor family and lost her father very young. She began to sing, not by ambition, but just wanting to work and survive. She played in the first speaking argentine movie “Tango!”.

In 1955 she interpreted the famous ”Se dice de mi” in “Mercado de Abasto” from Lucas De Mare. It was a very popular theme in Argentina and the argentinian public began to really associate her with the song when Tita Merello became popular on TV during the 70’s.

“Se dice de mi” in the movie “Mercado de Abasto”

“Arrabalera” from the movie of the same name

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