Tango Quizzz n°47


Why is the Cumparsita the last tango in a milonga ?


The answer was because D’Arienzo was playing it last in his concerts because of its huge success in 1951 !
Juan D’Arienzo recorded seven versions of this tango through his career ! But the 1951 version is the most successful one, and it was sold more than one million times in Argentina, and 200.000 in Japan (where D’Arienzo was very famous).
The public was getting so excited during this tango, that the musician decided to keep it last in his concerts, for the “grand finale” !
That’s when La Cumparsita imposed itself as the way of ending the milonga in the clubs, where the theme had also a lot of success and kept the dancers until the very end …

The 1951 version of La Cumparsita :

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