Tango Quizzz n°49


Who began to dance because a friend of his registered for him in a tango school ?


The answer was SEBASTIAN ACHAVAL !
Sebastian began to dance being 15 years old, when he was living in Azúl (Argentina). A friend told him about this tango class, and came to him one day telling him that he was now registered.
Achaval had never danced before, and was first interested in the moves, ganchos, boleos, sacadas, but soon got interested by music, and the whole culture around.

After two years, he decided to become a professional and moved to the capital. In 2005 he became world champion of Tango Salón together with his partner at the time Ximena Gallicchio.
In 2007, he meets Roxana Suarez, with whom they will become one of the most impressive, beautiful and successful tango couples in Tango. They were a couple in life, but now separated, but fortunately for us, they continued to dance together.
They will be once again at The Brussels Tango Festival this year

Nice interview of both Sebastián and Roxana, at Tangomeet

At the Brussels Tango Festival last year

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