Caritative milonga Tango Luzolo in Antwerpen, Dec. 15

Tango Luzolo 2017: many happy dancers, excellent tapa’s, friendly atmosphere,… and 2700€ was raised for vzw Mama Lufuma. So, yes, this asks for a second edition! Please give your support to this “Warmste Week” event: join the workshop on foot reflexology & foot care for pain-free dance feet in the afternoon, have some nice tapa’s from the “Tanguero’s Kitchen” and dance for hours on the milonga!


Tango Luzolo is a fundraiser for Mama Lufuma, a Belgian-Congolese initiative which helps young mothers and their children in Matadi, Congo (DRC). Daily live in Congo is extremely difficult. Most people live without electricity or current water, there is no garbage collection, no post, no social security, deplorable roads, schools and hospitals are expensive and corrupt, there are hardly any “formal” jobs,… 

Especially for young single mothers it is very hard to survive.  Mama Lufuma currently gives a home to 13 young single (teenage) mothers and their 17 kids, and sends the mothers back to school. These girls have often been abused, raped or they lived on the streets. After a few months, they regain their self-confidence, their happiness, and they work hard to become self-supportive.

The organisation also runs sewing classes and French/re-alfabetisation courses for young women, a kindergarten and children library and invested in a watersource for the whole neighborhood. Focus is also given on a family planning project. In 2018, nearly 2000 women stepped into Mama Lufuma’s anticonception programme, most of the women radically chose for an implant (anticonception for 3 to 5 years).


Because we believe that the best way to help a child is to help its mother. Come to Tango Luzolo and help Mama Lufuma to grow and help more young mothers!


La Luna, August van de Wielelei 65, 2100 Deurne
Workshop Dance Feet 14.00 – 17.00
Foot reflexology, exercises and use of medicinal herbs for a natural foot care and pain-free dance feet.
Contribution: 20€

Salon ‪18.00 – 01.30
DJ Toufik Cherifi
Entrance 9€

“Luzolo” means “connection” in the local Congolese language Kikongo: the connection between tangueros, between Congo & Belgium, between mother & child…