El Centro celebrates its 10th birthday !

10 years ago, on 2009 September 9th was El Centro baptised by its founders Pierre de Haan en Simonne Lemmens, with the patronage of Mariano Galeano and Paula Ruben.

Pierre and Simonne had very good knowledge of Buenos Aires ! The very first salon took place at the Casa 32 in Borgerhout. While Pierre took care of the musical part, Simonne could count on 4 good friends : Marc, Celeste, Vera and Rudy. The goal was to bring the feeling and the soul of argentine tango and salons here.

After 2 years, Pierre and Simonne decided to move to the South of France and El Centro was on the verge of being lost. Vera and Rudy didn’t see it this way and decided to take the reins.

After 4 years at Casa 32, it was time in 2015 to move to a new location and it became the current one, de dansstudio’s 1-2-3 in the center of Antwerpen.
Since then the salon remains there and takes place every second Saturday and Rudy, the home Dj, brings you the best tandas out of the Golden Age of Buenos Aires, with the visits of some great Argentine couple like Cristian Correa & Miriam Coppelo / Sebastian Nieva & Celeste Rey/… .

They will celebrate the 10 years of El Centro on this Saturday September 14, with Dj Marie Jeanne to play its great music and with the guest teachers Carlos & Mirella Santos David (European Champions tango de pista 2018), who will give an exhibition later in the evening !