These are the tango events of the coming week in all of Belgium.
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Saturday, October 20


La Yumba

Practica la Yumba @ Ghent @ Gent

18:30 - 20:00
Entre Cour & Jardin, Brusselsesteenweg 263, 9090 Melle, Belgium
Practica la Yumba - possibility to practice tango for free on tango music
Entre Cour & Jardin, Brusselsesteenweg 263, 9090 Melle

More info at - +32 478 668 298 -
Dante & Monik Dominguez

Milonga-Cabaret @ Brussels

19:00 - 01:00
C.C Tour a Plomb, Rue de l'Abattoir 20- 26 ,1000 Bruxelles

Saturday, October 20, 2018 in Brussels.

A new artistic concept in Brussels:
... READ MORE ...


(Tango Dance Folklore Circus Milonga) 

A wide variety of international artists!  We have the honor to present in Brussels an emblematic figure of Argentine folklore JUAN SAAVEDRA  nickname "El Bailarin de los Montes" and his Family RAZA COMPANY.
It can be done thanks to the dancer Elisabetta La Commare who is in charge of the Juan Saavedra Belgium tour. 

Guest artists:
Juan Saavedra, Sandra Farias, Yago Saavedra, Jesus Saavedra, Nazareno Saavedra, Sebastien Domogalla, Patrick McMaster, Dante Dominiguez & Monik Dominguez .

7pm : Open Doors
8pm : Cabaret Show
9:15pm Milonga Dj
1:00am : End

Price :
Cabaret : 15€
Milonga: 10€
Cabaret Show + Milonga: 20€

Gastronomy Argentine :
Enjoy delicious gourmet dishes!

Limited Registration!
Facebook Event

New Cultural Center in Brussels
Rue de l'Abattoir 20-26, 1000 Brussels. 

Tramway:  51, 82, Arrêt Arts et Métiers
Subway: Anneessense

Reservation :

More info :

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La Milonguita & DJ Massimo Maugeri @ Brussels

20:00 - 01:00
Montoyerstraat 1, 1000 Brussel, België

La Milonguita on Saturday night!

We look forward to welcome you all at BE-TANGO Brussels city centre.... READ MORE ...

DJ: Massimo Maugeri

Timing milonga: 20h00-01h00.

Price: 8€


Maison des Ailes

Rue Montoyer 1

1000 Brussels, België.

(metro Trône)
More info :

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Art Base


20:00 - 22:00
Art Base, 29 rue des Sables Zandstraat, 1000 Bruxelles

The Athens Tango Ensemble performs musical masterpieces from the ‘Golden Age” of Tango (1935-1955), compositions by Astor Piazzolla ( Tango Nuevo) and compositions by significant Greek composers of the 20’s and 30’s such as Sougioul, Giannidis, Attik and others. Athens Tango Ensemble gave its debut concert in October 2016 and their music was immediately embraced by the Greek audience. In their brief history, Athens Tango Ensemble has taken part in a number of festivals and concerts in places as Athens Concert Hall, Stavros Niarchos Institute, Half Note Jazz Club etc.

... READ MORE ...

More info :

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La Yumba

Milonga la Yumba @ Melle (near Ghent) - Wouter van der Venne @ Gent

20:00 - 01:00
Entre Cour & Jardin, Brusselsesteenweg 263, 9090 Melle, Belgium

Milonga la Yumba - Wouter van der Venne - €6, members: €5
Entre Cour & Jardin, Brusselsesteenweg 263, 9090 Melle

More info at - +32 478 668 298 -
Pasión Porteña Brujas

Milonga Pasión Porteña Brujas (Milonguero style) Dj Bennos Aires @ Brugge

20:00 - 01:00
AZUCAR Terlooigemweg 29, 8000 Brugge

tango in AZUCAR.... READ MORE ...

Voorafgegaan op regelmatige tijdstippen door workshops.

Tous les mois, Tango à AZUCAR

Des workshops à intervalles réguliers avant la

vrij parkeren, goeie vloer, tandas & cortinas.

More info :

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La Tangueria

2 Semi-private Coaching sessions by Marisa & Oliver @ Brussels

15:30 - 18:45
La Tangueria, 239 chaussée de Jette, 1080 Brussels

FR + bas
The tango coaching sessions are given by Marisa & Oliver in LA TANGUERIA Brussels on
> Saturday 20/10, 15:30>17:00
> Saturday 20/10 17:15>18:45 ... READ MORE ...

> Saturday 24/11, 15:30>17:00 
> Saturday 24/11, 17:15>18:45
> Sunday 16/12, 15:30>17:00 
> Sunday 16/12, 17:15>18:45

Special Tango Coaching sessions by Marisa & Oliver

=> The Tango coaching session is a new concept half-way between a private class and a group workshop. 
We will work with a maximum of 6 couples to be able to give more personal feed-back and 
corrections to each of them. Although we can propose a movement for each level, the aim is more to "coach" the participants in their personal tango dance. Like in a private class, we will work on the posture, connection, leading, following, musicality, technique, refinement, etc. rather than teaching a new figure. Participants can of course also propose a theme or subject they would like to work.

Level: all levels interested in this coaching session, minimum 6 months tango required.

Coaching session by Oliver & Marisa: 30€ pp

NB: reservation of the coaching is compulsory via

Address: La Tangueria, Chaussée de Jette 239 Jetse Steenweg, B-1080 Brussels (Simonis)

Les séances de coaching sont données par Marisa & Oliver à LA TANGUERIA Bruxelles

> Samedi 20/10, 15:30>17:00 
> Samedi 20/10 17:15>18:45 
> Samedi 24/11, 15:30 >17:00 
> Samedi 24/11, 17:15>18:45
> Dimanche 16/12, 15:30 >17:00 
> Dimanche 16/12, 17:15>18:45

Séances spéciales de coaching de tango par Marisa et Oliver

=> Le Tango coaching est un nouveau concept à mi-chemin entre un cours privé et un atelier de groupe.
Nous travaillons avec un maximum de 6 couples pour pouvoir donner plus de feedback personnel et corrections à chacun d'eux. Bien que nous proposons un mouvement comme point de départ pour tout le groupe, l'objectif est plus de "coacher" les participants dans leur danse de tango personnel. Comme dans un cours privé, nous travaillerons sur la posture, la connexion, le guidage, l'écoute, la musicalité, la technique, le raffinement, etc. plutôt que d'enseigner une nouvelle figure. Les participants peuvent bien sûr proposer un thème ou un sujet qu'ils aimeraient travailler.

Niveau: tous les niveaux intéressés par cette session de coaching, minimum 6 mois de tango requis.

Les prix:
Session de coaching par Oliver & Marisa: 30 € pp

NB: la réservation du coaching est requise via

Adresse: La Tangueria, chaussée de Jette 239 Jetse Steenweg, B-1080 Bruxelles (Simonis)

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The Study of Tango by Richard Manuel: dissociation & connection to your partner. @ Brussels

19:00 - 21:00
DeMarkten, oude graanmarkt 5, 1000 Brussels (2 nd fl. zwevende zaal)
20/10     Workshop of Tango Technique by Richard Manuel
Dissociation and connection to your partner 
- At first we will visit many facets of the connection. Secondly, we will see 
when to dance with or without dissociation. And finally we will analyze: ... READ MORE ...

different dissociations in function and in relation to el abrazo, and the 
work of the spiral as a generator of movements. 

More info :

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