BTF2012 Dress code voting: the winners

As you might remember, there was a contest with a dress code every evening of the festival and a lot of people paticipated and gave each night its own color. The voting happened on Facebook and was just terminated. The following couples win a free milonga pass for BTF2013 each.

Thursday ‘FIRE’:

Lisa & Olivier – 76 votes

Friday ‘OCEAN’:

Elsa & Mihai – 74 votes

Saturday ‘CLOUDS’:

Faustine & Patrick – 94 votes

Sunday ‘FLOWERS’:

Anna Lucia & Alessandro

Monday ‘CRAZY’:

Hélène, Nora, Ines, Lisa & Inge
They’re five in the picture, and they win 2 milonga passes, so they will have to do some major negotiation.

Thank you everyone who participated and had fun with the dress codes. It gave an extra taste to the festival and made a lot of people smile.
To the winners: send your details to and I will make sure you’re on the list for next year!