Contributing to this agenda

Adding events

All events are stored in 1 central Google Calendar: please send an email to to be invited as a contributor for the agenda. You will need a Google address for this!

Please follow the conventions:

Event title

The title or ‘What’ field should always start with the ‘TYPE:’ of event and end with the ‘@ location’:
Google Calendar: one-time event
A title like ‘MILONGA: Tango school XYZ @ Gent‘ will also make your event show up in the ‘MILONGA’ calendar and the ‘Gent’ calendar.
The first word should be either: ‘PRACTICA:’, ‘MILONGA:’, ‘SALON:’, ‘SHOW:’, ‘WORKSHOP:’ or ‘FESTIVAL:’
The title should end in ‘@ Brussels’, ‘@ Antwerpen’, ‘@ Gent’, ‘@ Hasselt’, ‘@ Liège’ … We take the city as city + large surroundings: Molenbeek is Brussels, Humbeek is Brussels.

Event address

The full street address should always be in the Address or ‘Where’ field.

Event description

The description should contain: organiser details, contact details, price (if applicable)

  • For weekly recurring events (PRACTICA/MILONGA):
    Google Calendar: weekly recurring
    If possible, use the ‘Ends on …’ option. Typically the schedule will change during the summer months, so maybe use July 1st as your end-by date. You can add the new series of milonga’s, practica’s for September later.

    Recurring events

    For monthly recurring events (SALON):
    Google Calendar: monthly recurring
    If you organise a monthly salon, add this as a single recurring event. If you give a workshop before each salon, but with a different topic/different teachers every time, add these as separate events (1 event/workshop). If there is a special performance during the milonga/salon, add this as a separate event too!