Nathalie & Andres in Buenos Aires

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Nathalie Jonckheere and Andrés Surra Rodriguez, a.k.a. Mr & Mrs Tango Bar, are participating tonight in the semi-finals for Salon Tango in the Mundial de Tango in Buenos Aires. At 7PM they will have to dance 3 tangos, and the same tomorrow. We hope they make it to the finals!

(from article by An Baccaert – De Morgen, August 22nd 2007)

UPDATE: the Mundial is over, they did not make it to the finals, but they had a great time!
Nathalie & Andres - photo by An Baccaert
(via An Baccaert)

2 thoughts on “Nathalie & Andres in Buenos Aires

  1. Bravo Andres & Nathalie!
    A defender el honor del Benelux en la Meca del Tango!


  2. So where is the best place in Buenos Aires to go and actually see people tango dancing? We’re only here until May, and haven’t seen any real tango yet… just review shows designed for tourists. The tango has been great, but we want to go to an actual club.


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