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(All info on where to buy tango shoes can be found on Shopping: Tango shoes!)

While it is true that dancing a lot wears your shoes down, the real reason why most experienced dancers have more than five pairs is vanity. Women know that when they enter a milonga with fancy new shoes, every other woman and the odd man has noticed it within 30 seconds. So how do you get these shoes? You can of course go to Buenos Aires or ask someone to buy a pair while they’re there, but let’s say that’s not an option. What brands are there and where can you buy them?

Shoes for women
The most famous brand for women’s tango shoes is undoubtedly the Argentinian ‘Comme-Il-Faut’. The shoes are quite unique and the creator, Alicia Muñiz, doesn’t like to have pictures of them online. Of course, that’s an idle hope.
Comme-Il-Faut Tango shoes

Other famous brands from Argentina include Neo-Tango,
Samy tango shoes and
Europe has also some brands of tango shoes, like Werner Kern (Germany)
Jeanne-Marie (France) and
the Italian Paoul.

Shoes for men
Guys needs shoes too, and while they generally start with one pair of plain black shoes, at some point they will want to get the ‘zapatos’ that match their growing confidence. There are no Comme-Il-Faut shoes for men, but for the rest the brands are the same: Jeanne Marie,
Samy shoes,
Werner Kern and

The shops
So where can you buy these beauties?

In Belgium there are a couple of shops where they have some brands in stock: Dance World in Brussels and Robics in Antwerp. A more extended choice can be found abroad: Mi Pasion in Maastricht and Duo Style in Paris. Of course, most of the brands also have on-line shops. Don’t expect to find a lot of models under 100 €, though.
(for addresses and links, check out Shopping: Tango shoes).

If you have wonderful shoes of a brand that is not mentioned here, or have good/bad experiences buying at other locations, leave a comment!

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  1. While it’s true that all these shoes are beautifully designed, it’s also true that if you want to spend hours on the dance floor practicing you most recent fancy moves you better do it in flats. Sanscha is a great brand of jazz sneakers, comfortable, fashionable and very affordable. The closest shop is in Paris but you can also find them online.

  2. A friend of mine is currently in Paris and would like to buy some tango shoes. Any suggestions on which stores she should go to?

  3. Hi all,

    I just wanted you to know i started my Tangoshoes shop in october of last year, and i only got shoes from Buenos Aires and Montevideo! There are 3 brands here: Greta Flora, Arika Nerguiz and Tangotación!

    I visit Milonga’s in Holland and Belgium almost every week,have a webshop and a showroom, ánd also plenty of daring men’s models.

    Hope to see you soon!


  4. Hi,
    Would anyone happen to have any recommendations for a good trustworthy (tried & tested) shoemaker in Brussels or surrounding regions for repairs and having the soles re-done?
    Many thanks in advance for your help!

  5. I would like to mention that we also have new online store where we are selling tango shoes handcrafted by the famous Istanbul shoemakers:

    Perhalps our shoes are more classic, however they are preferred for milongas coz they are known to be very comfortable.


  6. Hi Tangeras,

    I have three new pairs “Comme il faut” shoes for sale in Brussels.
    Two in size 37 and one in size 38.
    If interested, please drop me a line to

    Best regards,


  7. Hallo girls!
    I have 2 new/very nice tango shoes “Comme il faut”, size 39, (1 black, 1 gold) bought in Bs As in December 2009. Heels 8cm. If interested/want to receive pictures, send me an email to
    Nice dance to everybody…

  8. Hi ladies!
    I have a pair of beautiful GretaFlora shoes, size 7 US (but it can possibly fit size 8) soft red suede/red spotted suede combo, with t-strap, and heel is 3.35 inches. Some light wear but in great condition. For questions or photos, drop a line at Thank you!

  9. We are an Argentine Tango shoes company with more of ten years in the local market, in this opportunity we would like to introduce our Catalogue 2011.
    All our products are made by hand and using leather of first quality, please ask for our catalogue by our website or by mail at

  10. Lol, what you wrote is so true. Having so many pairs of shoes goes beyond just a simple “need” as far as dancing. Accessorizing is something that women are loved for :). My particular favorite brand out of all of the shoes on this page would be the Neo-Tango, they are just lovely!

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