The most popular photos of 2010!

Thanks to everyone who voted for the popular pictures of 2010, and here are the results: the most popular photo of 2010 is not one of a demo, of maestros, of spectacular moves, it is an intimistic portrait, taken in the Patio De Tango, in the beginning of October. In the foreground you see Karin and Marcel, behind them other couples dancing. Simple, nice and a deserving winner!
Tango Solidario @ Patio de Tango
And here are the remaining 29 pictures! Some are from isabel camps, and the rest is from yours truly. I hope we can show you even better pictures next year!

I just want to thank all of you tangueras & tangueros for being a source of inspiration and beauty for me, I really enjoy taking pictures of you, and it gives me great pleasure to see that they also get a lot of viewers. Also thanks to the organizers of events all over Belgium, who invite me as a photographer, and who make it possible for to hand out free tickets and other promos. It’s been a great 2010, and I hope 2011 will be even better!

One thought on “The most popular photos of 2010!

  1. Peter, I have been a regular fan of your beautiful pictures, but that this picture with Karin would been selected despite all those glamourous professionals, came as a beautiful surprise to me. Marie-Jeanne told me this thursday during the Patio de Tango. Thanks a lot. I also wish to thank Karin for these wonderful moments with her on the dancefloor.

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