Most liked pictures of 2013

This is the fourth year that I check what the most popular/liked photos of are. It’s interesting for me, because I publish thousands (really, not a figure of speech) of photos per year. What are the conclusions for me this year:

  • Flickr is more and more just my publishing platform (unlimited space, high resolution, easy to work with), while most of the interaction happens on Facebook. Have you ever written a comment or added a favourite on Flickr? Chances are you haven’t. But on the other hand, if you’re part of the 99% of tango people who are on Facebook, have you ever “liked” a picture? I bet you have. It is so much easier. I have no way (for the moment) to include that FB feedback in the mix. Currently I only count comments & favourites on Flickr (there are not a lot of them) and mainly the views. E.g. our winning picture has almost 1000 views. Is this still representative for the popularity of the photo? Not sure.
  • just like last year, the most popular event on Flickr is the Brussels Tango Festival, but not overwhelmingly (4 photos out of 25 – some other events have 3).
  • and again just like last year, the tanguera in the most popular picture of the year is Elsa. Now this is funny 🙂 I have always thought that she is a beautiful woman, and apparently I am not the only one to think this.
  • All the popular pictures are from the first half of the year. I think I can explain why. My private life has become a bit busier -in a good way- and while I still take pictures every now and then, I don’t always get around to publishing them in a separate post. Also, I always publish a subselection of the full set on Facebook, and while I include a link to the Flickr album, I think a lot of people never make that jump. Anyway, something to think about in the year to come.

The most popular pciture of 2013:
Elsa & Dominic @ Brussels Tango Festival

And here is the full top 25 of 2013, in chronological order:

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